Retired Navy Seal Don Mann has endorsed QCP! Read below!

As a retired Navy SEAL and ultra-distance athlete I have competed in over 1000 endurance events including marathons, ultra-marathons, ultra-distance bicycle and paddling events, Ironman and Double Ironman triathlons, 500 and 600 mile - 10-day adventure races and climbed over 40 mountains.

Over the last 40 plus years, I ended up causing quite a bit of damage and wear and tear to my body. My injuries include; fractured back, dislocated jaw, chronic planta fascia, frost bite and nerve damage in both feet, patella chondromalacia in both knees, multiple partial tears in both shoulders, a bone spur and a degenerated shoulder joint. I have tried all types of standard medical care including surgery, anti-inflammatory and pain medications, ,heat and cold treatments, physical therapy, stretching and dry needling.

Because the treatments and therapy I received did very little or no good at all, I resigned to the fact that I would be spending the rest of my life in pain.

​I met Lauren and Marc, at a Medical conference. They told me about the benefits of Quantum Care Patches and that they were confident the patches could help me in many different ways. I was a bit skeptical at first but then after learning more about the science behind the technology and hearing and reading testimonials from some very satisfied people, I decided to give the patches a try.

​A week later, following Lauren and Marc’s protocol, I applied the Cellular Repair, Pain and Circulation patches on my shoulders, knees and feet, prior to hiking up Pikes Peak, a 14,115- foot mountain in Colorado. From decades of doing these long hikes and climbs, I was expecting excruciating foot and knee pain which would always start within a couple of hours into the activity and would not subside for a couple of days post the activity.

​During this 9 ½ hour hike, I did not feel any pain, anywhere at all for the first 7-hours. The only pain I did experience was some mild foot pain, on one foot, and minor knee pain in one knee for only a 10-minute duration. All of the pain subsided immediately following the climb.

​I will continue to use Quantum Care patches because the benefits I received were extraordinary. I am so happy and fortunate to have found a treatment, without side effects and that works.

Thank you Marc and Lauren!

Don Mann

Navy SEAL (ret) / Adventure athlete


3 days!!!

Our dear client unfortunately fell and got this horrible bruise. We were able to get Cellular Patches on her and only 3 days of wearing them her eyelid is almost completely resolved! Even better than speedy aesthetic improvement, she reported 100% pain relief in 30 minutes!!


This female client had a knee replacement. The image here is her total black and blue bruise before using Quantum Care Cellular Repair Patches. After just 24 hours of using Quantum Care Cellular Repair, her bruising has been over 90% resolved! She reported a great reduction in pain relief as well as speedy recovery of range of motion with her Physical Therapist.

“I tried the immunity patch and it was fantastic! It was so simple to apply and I even forgot I was wearing it. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to boost their immune system, especially during these crazy times!” 

- Giordan D


“I wear the energy patch everyday as a replacement for caffeinated beverages like coffee and energy drinks and I couldn’t be more happy with my results! Not only is there no crash but I feel mentally sharp throughout my day which makes things 100% easier. 

- Vincent R

“I’ve used three patches primarily -- pain, stress, and energy. All three have been amazing! I noticed an immediate improvement in my headaches with the pain patches. The stress patches helped ease my anxieties while having to work from home. The energy patches have allowed me to cut down on my coffee intake. They’re so easy to use and you forget they’re there as soon as you put them on!”

- Ethan G


“I used the immune boosting patch and I gotta say I noticed a distinct difference. I was already sensitive to allergens and other causes of discomfort but these patches helped relieve some of that. Not to mention the fact that I didn't have to take a pill or anything. Just put the patch on and forget about it!”

- Jake G


“I use the sinus cold and flu to assist with my seasonal allergies and could be more thrilled with the results! Just a quick application on my sinuses and I am feeling back to normal with no hassle - huge when working outdoors or with kids for a living!”

- Sierra K

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