The Serenity Package (3 Pain, 3 Stress, 3 Sleep, 3 Happy)


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12 boxes of QCP! Hit your stress from every angle. Troubled sleep often comes from a pain source or a restless mind. Physical pain can often come from stress. Stress can come from lack of uninterrupted sleep. So why not address all of the symptoms simultaniously? And let’s not leave out The Happy Patch. This little guy is a powerful antidepressant. No need for pills, drinks or anything else that leaves you with regret or side effects. The Happy Patch will address anxiety, a speedy mind, depression, sadness, a feeling of hopelessness and even PTSD. The Serenity Package has a patch to cover it all!

3 boxes of Pain

3 boxes of Stress

3 boxes of Sleep

3 boxes of Happy



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