Performance Package – 90 Day Supply (Energy, Cellular Repair & Circulation)

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A full 90 day supply of QCP Energy Patches, QCP Cellular Repair Patches and TWO packages QCP Circulation Patches. Congratulations on joining the QCP 90 day Performance Challenge! As a wellness company we understand the time it takes to make significant changes in your body, be it for an athletic goal or recovery from a surgery or set back. We also recognize the need for extra support to reach those goals. QCP offers a non pharmaceutical option, no workout drinks or supplements needed, to help you attain your goal. Our set protocol will increase energy, oxygenate blood, muscles, bone and tissue for speedy healing time as well as increase circulation in organs and or muscles.

Directions for use:

Energy Patch- Place one QCP Energy Patch on the sternum. One patch will last 72 hours. This patch will not interrupt sleep.

Cellular Repair Patch- Place one QCP Cellular Repair Patch on the back of your neck at C7 vertebrae. The frequencies in this powerful patch will travel to where the energy is needed, restoring and renewing the body.

Circulation Patch- Use QCP Circulation Patch on lungs to increase function and increase air flow during training session.

Alternately, use patch on specific muscles that will be targeted before your workout to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. Then, reduce injury, post soreness and experience reduced recovery time.

Please keep track of your journey and send us your before and after testimonials!

If your challenge is selected we will give you a Performance Package FREE!


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