Purifi Hand Sanitizer:

A New Special Anti-Viral Hand Sanitizer Finally Available to the Public!

From the QCP family to Yours,
Hi Friends, 
We just wanted to just simply state the FIVE key vital facts about our hand sanitizer. This is what I discovered when I was just trying to help people get this impossible product to buy at stores:

1. Alcohol based hand sanitizer evaporates in less than 2 minutes and protection ceases. This is very important to understand--alcohol evaporates.

2.  Alcohol sanitizer if using it regularly (sporadic) causes dry hands and cracks where viruses lodge and infects. If you use it everyday for weeks the cracking is far worse


3. The Purifi hand sanitizer, with its patented and 99.9999% effective treatment, that we provide is military grade and lasts up to 24 hours. It only needs replacement because skin sheds each day. This is clinically studied and I can send you the Ryerson study.


4. Purifi specifically kills viruses not just bacteria like most sanitizers only do


5. To get back out into the work force, guidelines will prescribe hand protection in a big way. dfs
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