Quantum Medicine: The Way of the Future

Why don’t we talk more about Quantum Medicine as an excellent health care solution?


Is it because you don’t know enough about it? Is it because it’s not used widely enough so you have not yet had the opportunity to try it? Or is it because you think it’s voodoo or witchcraft? Let’s figure this out!


We should start with the basics and that should help pave the way to some easy decisions.


To start, Quantum Care Patches uses Quantum Medicine, ie; Energy Medicine, Frequency Medicine or Bio Electric Medicine, however you prefer to say it. It is all based in science, guys. Science that has proof and evidence. There are studies that go back to Nicola Tesla in the 1900’s. We’re talking about the same stuff as electricity and batteries. Do you walk in to a room and pray that the lights go on? Or do you flip a switch on the wall and trust that the electric wiring behind your walls is going to create a surge that will indeed, turn your lights on? There is no mystery or magic in it. Is it invisible? Yes, to the naked eye. But so is gravity. And, that is clearly proven to exist. So now we have removed the doubt of ‘Is it real?’ It is real. Period. Science. Not voodoo. Science.


Now, let’s talk about other forms of Energy Medicine that you may have had experience with, even if it’s not wearing an uploaded patch. How about a Reiki session, Sound Healing Therapy, EFT, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy or Quantum Touch? There are literally dozens of others but you get the point. Some of you may say yes, some of you may say no. Some of these practices still seem a bit Hippy Dippy, if you will. Not medical enough for me, you think. I have REAL back pain from an acute injury, this fruity stuff will never work for me. Ok, let’s go back to the basics, though. Fruity as it may seem, because some lady is waving her hands over your back and ‘invisible’ energy is supposed to be shifting and healing your back pain? We have already covered that invisible also equals REAL, remember?


What if I told you that we have captured that ‘invisible energy’ and put it in a patch that you could just stick on your back exactly where it hurts and the pain would go away? Would you use that? No incense or crystal ball required. Just a tiny, half inch transparent, round patch that is uploaded with specific frequencies to target whatever it is that you are struggling with, in this case we’ll stick with pain.


Just want to point out the other most widely chosen option for pain relief. (Or any health issue help)
PILLS. OMG the pills that people consume is mind blowing. For every pill you take for the actual issue you are needing to address, there is a list of side effects that come along with it, not to mention breaking down your kidneys and liver to process them. Oh, and the crazy depressing opiod epidemic. That will be a whole blog post on it’s own. Circle back to the patches. This is key, guys. Pay attention. There are ZERO side effects. ZERO drugs in them. ZERO chemicals. ZERO chance of overdose, ever. ZERO interactions with any medications you may be currently taking. That being said, Why would you not at this point try it? Seriously. They work like magic, but are scientifically based. They don’t require a crystal ball, but if I could look into your future after you put one on, I’m telling you your fortune will be pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, or a strengthened immune system, which ever patch you are going to use. Or use them all! They don’t interact with each other either, so you can boost your immune system, address your depression and get rid of your back pain all at the same time. We’ve got a patch for that!


At QCP we are so proud to be on the cutting edge of this form of health care. It is crazy simple yet SO effective. Our feedback is consistently ‘Whoa! It’s gone’ (then pain) Or ‘I almost immediately felt the stress go away.’ Over and over again friends, family, neighbors and everyone they care about are turning to Quantum Care Patches as their easy to use and powerful over the counter and at home health care option.


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