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Navy Seal Don Mann on QCP and your health. Survival skills, for real.


Don Mann uses Quantum Care Patches and Purifi for maximum protection!  

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How Former SEAL Purifi-value2-755x1024Team six , Combat Medic, and WMD Officer Don Mann Started Fighting COVID19

May 4, 2020 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES — Don Mann, former member of the elite fighting force, SEAL Team 6, and New York Times best-selling author had just wrapped up his latest book, Black Sun Rising. Don tackled a new subject–the use of viruses in warfare. The topic was not driven by recent events of the Coronavirus.  Mann started this book in the spring of 2019, close to a year prior to the Covida-19 outbreak. What is interesting is what happened while he was finishing off this manuscript.

Early in April 2020 Don was contacted by a friend and co-worker about a breakthrough in the world of microbe and virus protection. Knowing that Don was experienced in the dangerous world of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) warfare, Don’s associate informed him of a company that focused on sanitizing select government facilities. “I have worked in some very hazardous environments where personal protection was paramount,” stated Don.

The story relayed to Don took an unusual turn when this company, PurifiTM launched their hand purifier intended for the consumer market.  Don immediately began researching the product and found that it acted like an armor.  Purifi’sTM active ingredients not only destroys viruses but its special bonding agent creates a protective shield that lasts for up to 24 hours. Don thought that this would be a great product for both military, first responders and civilians.

“This is a product which should be incorporated in the military go- bags, along with their other essential items such as passports, currencies, weapons etc.,” says Don.  “In these times, I believe everyone should create a small ‘go bag’ for themselves that contains hand -sanitizer, a mask and gloves and keep it in the trunk, backpack, briefcase, office and/or home. You never know when you might need it and its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Don is now working with PurifiTM and is creating a site to educate people about this next generation of hand sanitizer and is launching  a “Pay It Forward” campaign to assist military veterans. People who go to will have an opportunity to not only purchase PurifiTM but also to purchase a wash & wear mask. For every mask purchased, a mask will be donated to a military veteran.  The Pay it Forward campaign will deliver a free mask for every mask purchased from  “I am honored to help our military in any way I can,” says Don. To learn more about PurifiTM and Don’s “Pay it Forward” campaign, visit

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