Emotional health? Yes, please!

“I am stressed. I am tired. I am anxious and I am afraid. I have to keep showing up and present NORMAL for my kids and my job, but I’m faking it. I’m totally faking it.”

This is the narrative I keep hearing from clients and friends near and far. We have lost freedoms, lost jobs and lost our sense of rhythm and consistency which so many of us thrive in. It’s overwhelming and depressing all at the same time.

We can do better. We can make a different choice today. We can participate in our wellness instead of our illness. And yes, I’m saying emotional illness, as well as physical illness which is a whole other conversation. I keep hearing and seeing the term- The new normal- Who decides what your normal is? You do! You make your own reality. Let’s choose little goals that are totally achievable. Let’s take bite sized pieces of happiness and hope and start storing them up in our spiritual piggy bank. Let’s choose loving ourselves. What does that look like? How about this. Take ten deep breaths. Drink more water. Eat better foods. Call someone and ask them how THEY are doing, and don’t talk about yourself or YOUR problems. Just listen. And if you are still having anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, losing sleep and feeling depressed and feel you need help to address these things, check out all of your options. That’s where we come in. In a world of “You need a prescription for that.” Or “You should get your Medical Marijuana card.” What about an emotional and mental health tool that causes no side effects, won’t get you intoxicated and won’t leave you with a nasty hangover? Our patches, tiny, bio electric medical antidepressant and anxiety fixers. Mouth full, yes, but so cool, right? Our QCP Happy Patch is uploaded with over 60 frequencies specifically to aid depression, PTSD, and sadness in all forms. QCP Stress patch is uploaded with over 200 frequencies that address anxiety, panic, fears and phobias of all types. We love to use combo patching protocols, too. Like, Happy and Energy or Stress and Sleep. You can never overdose. You only find effective, fast, yet gentle relief. Bio electric medicine is the health care of the future. We have a patch for almost anything. It’s a real thing. This choosing healthy options for self care is coming to higher meaning with our groundbreaking products. We believe in helping you feel better. We believe in getting you back out there, or staying in if you want, but either way, having you feel your best. Happy. Free. Balanced. Healthy. Let’s do it together. One problem and one patch at a time. Choose you.

For help, go to: www.QuantumCarePatches.com

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