Bio Electric Medical Device.

Tiny. Transparent. NON transdermal patches.

"My back pain was gone in 2 minutes! I've had multiple spinal surgeries and nothing else has worked! These patches deliver!"

-David, retired MD

TESTIMONIALS: Pain relief, Stress relief, Cellular Repair...

Back and Hip Pain

"I have used Quantum Care patches for the past month. I am plagued with back pain from sacro iliac joint arthritis as well as intermittent right hip pain. I have gained relief from both of these problems in a few hours to overnight. My back pain would start in the morning when getting out of bed and last all day and my hip pain would hurt when going up steps. I wear the patches for three days and about that time I can feel them wearing off so I reapply them. I would say my overall experience with Quantum Care has been a godsend because I no longer need oral medicine like non steroidals or Tylenol so I am not risking liver or kidney damage with continued use. I certainly would recommend these patches over anything else. I am so happy I found them. I plan to use them indefinitely. I would rate these patches a 10+."

- JDP, retired MD

"I started using Quantum Care Patches for my fractured eye socket. I had two black eyes and stitches on my eyebrow. I put a Pain and Inflammation Patch on my upper cheek and it made the healing process a lot faster. It also helped with the pain. The relief was almost instant. I healed very quickly for how bad it was. I like how the patches are barely visible and how fast the results were. I will definitely recommend to family and friends. I rate these patches a 10."

-Kyle I. 

"I have used the Circulation Patch directly where my pancreas is located. As a result, my blood sugar levels have lowered causing me to need less medication. The Pain Patches on my neck worked almost instantly. I love that Quantum Care Patches are non-invasive and convenient. They help in every way. This is the future. Rated a 10."

-Nate H.


"I have been using the Quantum Energy Patch for a month now. I have low energy. I have found my energy levels to be more even and clear now. It took a few hours for it to work. I like that they are easy to use, long lasting, great value. I say they are a 10." 

- Drew A.

Arthritis, Pain and Numbness

"I have knee pain, inflammation, arthritis and numbness in my upper arm. I also suffer from severe back and neck pain and arthritis in both elbows. So far I have used the patches on my knees and left arm. The numbness has subsided, shoulder pain is gone and my knees are feeling much better. My elbow is feeling great. I had relief within 24 hours. I like that the patches stay on well and that they are not obvious while wearing them. They are very effective and I am going to use them on my back and neck next. I rate Quantum Care a 10."


How Do They Work?

Quantum Care Patches use signature frequencies from multiple ingredients known to rebalance your cells where stress, disease, pain, or blockage has occurred. Simply wearing the patch on your skin, with proper placement, will allow the entrainment process to occur. At which time, the vibration of your body will become in tune with those of the signatures on the patch, which will return your body to a healthy vibration. Quantum Science in combination with Ancient and Natural Medicine are used to determine which signature frequencies are uploaded into the 3M medical grade patch.

Quantum Care Patches use medicinal and conscious frequencies to balance your body on physical, cellular and energetic levels.


Imbalances, blockages or disease that has manifested in the form of pain, inflammation, skin irritation, tremors, sleep disturbance or other physical ailments.


Imbalanced or unhealthy vibrational frequencies. Abnormal growths, abnormal blood, malfunctioning organs or endocrines.


Emotional blockages, multilayered consciousness, misaligned chakras, stagnant Qi, ancestral matrixes.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."


Albert Einstein


QCP proudly made in the USA

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